Symantec Scrambles to Fix Flaws After Google Sounds Alarm

Symantec last week confirmed that it had developed fixes for a series of eight vulnerabilities found in its portfolio of security products for enterprise and consumer customers, after an outside researcher identified the problem.

Symantec Scrambles to Fix Flaws After Google Sounds Alarm

A researcher from Google’s Project Zero alerted the company, but there was no evidence of the vulnerability being exploited in the wild, said Adam Bromwich, Symantec’s vice president for security technology and response.

The issues involved buffer overflow and memory corruption in the Antivirus Decomposer engine used in various security products.

Parsing of maliciously formatted container files might cause corrupted memory, integer overflow or buffer overflow in Symantecs Decomposer engine, Bromwich noted. That typically results in an application-level denial of service, but it also could result in arbitrary code execution.

An attacker could run arbitrary code by sending a specially crafted file to a user, he said.

Symantec has verified the issues and addressed them in product updates and recommends that users apply required patches to the affected products as soon as possible, added Bromwich.

All Norton products have been updated through LiveUpdate. Symantec Enterprise customers should check online to determine which products have been updated automatically and which require product updates.

Companies should restrict access to administrative or management systems to authorized, privileged users, Symantec recommended. They should restrict remote access to trusted or authorized systems, and keep operating systems current with vendor patches. Also, they should use firewall and antimalware applications to provide multiple layers of security.


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